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For years, the automotive soft trim industry has recognized that of all the available methods of cutting, die cutting provides the highest quality, productivity, and material utilization. At Ontario Die, our commitment to continuous improvement keeps us at the forefront of the die cutting industry. We are continually pursuing new technologies and innovations to meet the changing needs of our customers.

One of the more significant advances is the development of the DIEVERSE® system, which has proven a major contributor in the quest for increased efficiency.

DIEVERSE® tooling has the cavities mounted on top of the dieboard instead of embedded within it as with traditional steel rule dies. With this system, each individual cavity constitutes a completely separable component that can be removed, reconfigured, and replaced without the die ever leaving the customer's facilities.

A number of distinct cost-saving advantages are achieved with DIEVERSE® tools:

  • Cavities are interchangeable with other DIEVERSE® dies
  • Pre-production "one-up" tools can be recycled into the actual production tool
  • Most repairs, sharpening and layout changes can be done in-house
  • The user can now take advantage of material width variations
  • Changes to the number of job sets can be quickly and easily accomplished

Quite simply, DIEVERSE® tooling creates a significant reduction in tooling costs, and a more efficient use of production time and materials.

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