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How does the DIEVAC® System work?
Simply. Up to 10" of tri-laminate material is positioned on top of the steel rule die or Dieverse TM. Tooling. The hood then encloses the die and material within the carrier, the cutting matrix being mounted in the hood. A vacuum pump then expels the air from the system which draws the hood down and compresses the material to approximately 2" in height.

The entire system is then incrementally fed through a hydraulic cutting press specially fitted to suit the DIEVAC® process. When the vacuum is turned off, the lay recovers to its original height and the hood is automatically lifted clear. The components are then removed and the cycle can be repeated with a new lay of material.


  • 100% cutting accuracy.
  • Almost zero scrap parts.
  • Tremendous productivity.
  • Excellent fabric utilization.
  • Occupies less floor space than other systems.
  • Material will not move while cutting.


  • Pattern complexity immaterial to productivity. All interior blades and punches cut simultaneously.
  • CAD pattern nesting utilized.
  • Each ply is consistently cut, top to bottom.
  • Can easily cut 250,000 linear inches of material per minute!


  • Tri-laminates
  • Bi-laminates
  • High nap velours
  • Stretchy polyesters
  • Quilted material
  • Vinyls
  • Satins
  • Sponge or foam filled material.
  • Fiberglass

DIEVAC® - the most technologically advanced and cost effective system available today.

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